Who am I and why this blog

This blog is about drawing and illustration, but I am not a full-time illustrator; I actually run a program at an economics institute, which I very much enjoy. 

When I tell people I studied economics and now work at what you might call a think tank, I often get a serious look. It probably sounds like I know tax law, or that I can advise on what to invest in; serious-job-spreadsheet-stuff. I get a very different look when I say that I love to illustrate, too. 

It might be because it reminds everyone of drawing during childhood. And if you want to be an artist, in the serious adult sense, you’d paint, or sculpt. Or do design? Drawing and illustration can also sound like sketching, which is just a piece in the process for something more important, or doodling, which you do while you’re bored on the phone. 

But to me, it is just as serious as anything. Just as complex, and just as rewarding. I love seeing drawings, making drawings, and thinking about drawings as well as the process of drawing. I am always working on getting better, and I tend to be busy with a range of illustration projects alongside my job in economics.

This blog is about that work, why it is so valuable to me, and how it may be valuable to you, too. You won’t have to do any drawing to see what I mean. You just have to use your eyes a little differently. Just reading along might give you a new kind visual of sensitivity, and let you see things you more fully than before.


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