About this blog

Illustration can feel magical. The right three lines can bring a personality to life, and a well-chosen shape can convey a complex feeling. Really, all you need is paper and a pencil. It’s accessible to all, but also very elusive. It can be so hard to get it right.

Because what is a good illustration, and how do they come to be? Do illustrators train their hand? Manipulate their mind? Practice seeing things a different way? Leverage a lifetime of visual input? Where does inspiration come from? Should illustrations be personal? Or detached from the maker’s ego?

In this blog, I share my thoughts on these and other questions. I write short, bi-weekly posts that intend to spark thought and visual insight.

Should you follow this blog?

If you like to look around and reflect on what you see, this blog is for you. If you make visual work, you’re in the right place. If you’re an illustrator or would like to become one, welcome home.

About me:

I am an illustrator from the Netherlands, currently living in New York City. I tend to work with ink, watercolor, and digital tools to drawings that feel alive and friendly.

To become a better illustrator, I am always working to see things more fully. This blog is about that practice.


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